Climbing to the Top: An Expert Guide to Roofing Contractor Marketing Strategies

As a roofing contractor, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to attract more leads and grow your business. An effective marketing strategy is crucial, but with so many options it can be tricky to know what works.

That’s why I’ve put together this expert guide on effective roofing contractor marketing strategies. I’ll walk you through the key strategies and latest techniques to market your roofing business and increase roofing leads. With these actionable tips for your roofing marketing campaigns, you’ll attract more customers and stand out from the competition.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn:

  • Key stats and trends in the US roofing industry
  • How to develop a strategic marketing plan for your roofing business
  • Tactics to optimize your website and maximize lead generation
  • How to leverage social media to boost brand visibility
  • Paid advertising options to accelerate results
  • How to use AI to give you a competitive edge
  • Content marketing strategies to attract more customers
  • Building a strong online reputation and earning trust
  • Local SEO techniques to connect with nearby homeowners
  • Email marketing approaches to nurture leads
  • Relationship-building for customer loyalty and referrals
  • Analyzing data to refine your marketing performance


Understanding the Roofing Contractor Market

Before diving into marketing tactics, it’s important to understand the landscape. Let’s take a look at some key stats on the US roofing contractor industry:

  • The roofing market is highly competitive – you’re up against many small and large businesses vying for customers.
  • The roofing industry revenue is nearly $57 billion annually, but in 2023 it decreased 3.5%.
  • Most roofing companies are small operations – over 70% have fewer than 5 employees.
  • Commercial and residential roofing services each make up about half of industry revenue.
  • Roof replacements account for the majority of demand, followed by maintenance and repairs.

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, you should conduct additional market research on your local area. Analyze your direct competitors: What are they doing that’s working? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What kinds of customers do they attract? This intel will help you find niches and create targeted marketing campaigns.


Crafting Your Roofing Contractor Marketing Plan

Every successful marketing effort starts with a plan. Outline clear goals – do you want to increase leads by 30%? Improve your online presence? Drive more website traffic?

Next, define your ideal customer avatar. Details like demographics, pain points, and location will allow you to tailor messaging to their needs.

With goals and a target audience in mind, detail the strategies and tactics you’ll use. Digital marketing, SEO, content creation, social media ads – we’ll cover examples of what works for roofing pros like yourself.

Remember to focus on your unique value proposition. What makes your roofing services different than the competition? Highlight your expertise, range of quality services, and stellar customer reviews.

Here are some examples of unique value propositions that may work for your roofing company:

Eco-Friendly Solutions: “Roofing that respects the planet. Sustainable materials, energy-efficient installations.”

Lifetime Guarantee: “Peace of mind for a lifetime. Our roofs are built to last, and we back that with a lifetime guarantee.”

Quick Turnaround: “Need it done yesterday? Our team ensures the fastest roofing turnaround in the city.”

Custom Designs: “Your roof, your way. Tailored designs to match your home’s unique character.”

Holistic Approach: “More than just a roof. We offer integrated roofing solutions that enhance insulation, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.”

Transparent Pricing: “No surprises, just honest pricing. Know what you pay for with our transparent cost breakdowns.”

24/7 Emergency Services: “Rain or shine, day or night. We’re here for your roofing emergencies 24/7.”

Family-Owned Touch: “Three generations, one promise: Quality roofing with a personal touch.”

Local Materials: “Crafted from the heart of our community. We prioritize local materials to support our community and ensure top-notch quality.”

Educational Approach: “Empowering homeowners. We don’t just install; we educate, ensuring you make the best decisions for your home.”

Weather-Proof Solutions: “Built for our climate. Our roofing solutions are specially designed for local weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.”

Flexible Financing: “Quality roofing within reach. With our flexible financing options, we ensure every homeowner can afford the best.”

Community Involvement: “Roofing with a cause. A portion of every project goes back into local community initiatives.”

Crafting the perfect unique value proposition requires understanding the specific needs and preferences of your target audience, as well as the unique strengths and capabilities of your roofing company. And remember, any value proposition you choose is not just a catchy phrase but should be a genuine reflection of the services and benefits you provide. Then emphasize it throughout your website and on all marketing materials.

Once you have a plan in place, executing your roofing company marketing plan is key. Continuously analyze performance and fine-tune strategies to maximize your results. But first, let’s talk tactical.

Every successful marketing effort starts with a plan. Do you want to increase leads by 30%? Improve your online presence? Drive more website traffic?


Optimizing Your Roofing Website

Your website is often the first touchpoint for potential customers. That’s why optimization is so important for converting visitors into leads. A good roofing business website will be optimized for both users and local SEO.

Let’s start with the design. A nice, clean, professional-looking website can do wonders to help you stand out and be perceived as a professional roofing business that cares about every detail. Potential customers will check out your site, so you should invest in a good one.

Focus on speed. Ensure fast load times by minimizing large files. Nobody will wait for a slow site, not to mention that it will hurt your Google rankings.

Simplify navigation so visitors can easily find information. Include clear calls-to-action throughout the website like “Request a Free Quote” to drive conversions then follow up promptly.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Many will search for “roofers near me” on their phones.

Create targeted content around customer pain points and FAQs. Address their concerns to establish trust and credibility. Become the local roofing expert in their eyes.

Do you have a high rating on Google, Yelp, Angi, Houzz, or HomeAdvisor? Feature it on every page of your website along with actual customer reviews.

But most importantly, prioritize SEO. Use relevant keywords in titles, headers, URLs, alt text, and content. This helps search engines understand your focus on roofing services so you rank higher in your service area.

Your website is often the first touchpoint for potential customers. That’s why optimization is so important for converting visitors into leads.


Leveraging Social Media for Marketing

People spend lots of time on social media, so platforms like Facebook and Instagram are goldmines for both commercial roofing companies and roofing contractors marketing to homeowners.

Develop personas and content tailored to each platform’s audience. For example, Instagram is highly visual, so share photos and videos that showcase your roofing projects.

Share any new content that’s been published on your website on social media. Engage your audience by responding to comments, sharing user photos, and participating in discussions. Build relationships with potential customers.

Run contests and giveaways to increase followers and engagement.

Utilize paid social ads to expand your reach and increase brand awareness. Geo-targeting allows you to advertise to specific neighborhoods or cities (more on that in a minute).

Post case studies and client testimonials to build credibility. Social proof is powerful! So turn customer reviews into posts on Facebook, Twitter/X, and Google.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are goldmines for both commercial roofing companies and roofing contractors marketing to homeowners.


Paid Advertising for Faster Results

Want to boost your roofing marketing results quickly? Paid advertising delivers immediate visibility.

Google Ads allows you to appear at the top of search results. Target keywords like “roofing company [city]” to reach those actively looking. Be smart when selecting keywords to target so that they’re not too broad and also be sure to utilize negative keywords so you’re not wasting money on clicks that will never turn into a customer.

Facebook and Instagram ads can hit very specific demographics like homeowners over 40 living in a certain area. You can even upload your customer avatars for accurate targeting.

With Facebook ads, you can choose the option to generate leads and gather contact information from potential customers directly within the platform. And since Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive, I recommend that you run some ads on it every day, even if you only spend $5 a day. Those ads will help your roofing company get exposure in your local community and build trust.

Retargeting ads bring visitors back after they’ve left your site. It keeps your business in front of them and reminds them about your services.

For best results, A/B test different ad variations and place ads where your customers spend their time. Both Google and Facebook provide the option to allow A/B testing automatically.


Content Marketing to Draw in Leads

Content marketing is an essential roofing contractor marketing strategy for establishing expertise and credibility.

Create an educational blog on your website with articles about roof types, common problems that local homeowners face, replacement costs, and more. Useful content attracts organic search traffic.

Address customer pain points in your content. If they’re concerned about HOA approval for a new roof, create content around that.

Optimize blog posts for keywords you want to rank for. Include keywords in titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, URLs, etc. And don’t forget to use internal linking, a powerful but commonly overlooked SEO strategy.

Videos and infographics can be highly engaging content formats. Showcase motion and visuals to bring your content to life.

Promote your content across all marketing channels. Share links on social media or run ads on Facebook to attract traffic to your new content.


Building Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation makes a major impact on purchasing decisions. Positive reviews and testimonials act as social proof for potential customers.

Proactively gather reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and industry sites like Angi or Houzz. Follow up with happy customers and ask them to leave feedback online.

If a customer leaves you a negative review, don’t ignore it–respond to it. Turn complaints into opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Remember, potential customers will read those reviews and note how you addressed the issue.

Share customer stories on your website and in social media posts. Video testimonials can be especially powerful.

Monitor mentions of your brand using and engage consistently on social media. Be helpful and responsive to build goodwill.


Local SEO Tactics for Roofers

As a local roofing company or contractor, optimizing for local SEO helps you attract customers in your geographic area.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Ensure your Google Business listing has complete and accurate information. Add photos, customer reviews, and list all of the services you offer.

Services: Listing out each and every service you offer right on your Google Business profile makes things super clear for potential customers checking you out. They can see at a quick glance the full range of roofing services you provide – no question marks about what you can handle.

More clarity equals more calls and bookings! When people need a roofer, they search things like “roof inspection near me” or “rooftop solar panel installation.” By showcasing all your services prominently on your Business Profile, you’re matching way more of those search queries. That means you’ll appear higher in the search results for a wider variety of roofing-related terms.

Basically, the more services you list, the more visible you become. It shows customers the breadth of your roofing expertise too. They’ll spend more time engaging with your profile and will be more likely to give you a call.

Products: This strategy is often overlooked but you can also create individual product listings on your Google Business profile for each service you offer. Unlike your services, product listings are always displayed with your Google Business profile. This adds visuals – you can really showcase your work with eye-catching photos of completed projects. It’s an awesome way to take up more real estate on Google.

Detailed descriptions in these product listings let you explain special processes, features, and benefits. You can even showcase pricing or current promotions to grab attention.

Treat your services like products for maximum marketing potential. Bundle popular services together, highlight special discounts, and do whatever you can to boost engagement on your Profile. More eyeballs and clicks lead to more calls and customers.

Other Local SEO Strategies

Target location-based keywords like “roofing company in Chicago IL” or “metal roofing contractor in Naperville” in your website’s content to boost local visibility.

Build citations across directories to reinforce your business information across the web. Don’t forget about Apple Business Connect so your business can appear for people using Apple Maps like iPhone users.

Encourage customers to leave reviews on local directories. These build credibility for searches like “best roofer in [your city].”


Email Marketing to Your Customer Base

Email marketing allows you to directly reach interested prospects and past customers. Time to tap into this powerful channel.

Offer an opt-in form on your site for downloads like “Roofing 101.” Provide valuable content in exchange for emails.

Send informative newsletters about new blog posts, maintenance tips, and more. But don’t just talk about roofing, share helpful tips that homeowners would appreciate. Use email to provide help and not simply to promote or advertise.

Nurture leads by creating automated email sequences. For example, after you’ve provided a customer with a quote, follow up with an automated email 2 days later. Then send another but different email every 3-5 days afterward until they respond.

You could also promote new service offerings and special deals through emails. But always personalize them such as by addressing each recipient by name.


Take Advantage of AI

During 2023 we saw ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools explode in popularity. The best thing you can do is embrace them. The integration of AI in your roofing business can revolutionize your marketing, advertising, and content creation.

Here are some innovative ways your roofing company can utilize AI:

Personalized Marketing

  • Customer Segmentation: Use AI to analyze customer data and segment them based on their preferences, behaviors, and needs. This allows for more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Predictive Analysis: AI can predict which customers are most likely to need roofing services based on factors like the age of their home, recent weather conditions, and more.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

  • 24/7 Customer Support: You could implement well-trained AI-powered chatbots on your company website to answer common questions, schedule appointments, highlight features about your company, or even provide instant quotes if you want.
  • Lead Qualification: You could use chatbots to qualify leads by asking pertinent questions before passing them to the sales team.

Content Creation

  • Automated Content Generation: AI tools can generate blog post and article ideas and content outlines based on trending roofing topics or frequently asked questions.
  • Video Creation: You could use AI video tools to create, edit, and publish promotional videos, customer testimonials, or tutorial videos with subtitles. Some AI video platforms can even create the entire video for you based on the script it generated from your instructions.


  • Ad Optimization: AI can help you craft ad copy and also analyze which ads have performed the best and even let you know where to allocate more ad budget.
  • Dynamic Ad Creation: AI can create personalized ads for users based on their online behavior, interests, and past interactions with the company.

Estimating & Sales

  • Roof Damage Assessment: Use AI-powered drones to assess roof damage. The AI can analyze the footage to identify problem areas, estimate repair costs, and even predict future issues.
  • Virtual Roofing Trials: Using images of their home along with AI photo editing tools, you can show your customers different roofing options, helping them visualize the final look and helping you close the sale.

Social Media Monitoring

  • Content Creation: AI can help you generate ideas for social media posts and even take your existing content and quickly turn it into a post, tweet, or video.
  • Trend Analysis: AI can help you identify trending topics in the roofing industry and create content or ads around them.

SEO and Website Optimization

  • Content Optimization: AI tools can suggest keywords, meta descriptions, and content edits to improve search engine rankings for certain keywords.
  • User Experience Analysis: AI can analyze user behavior on the website and suggest improvements to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

Email Marketing

  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on past interactions, AI can suggest specific services or offers to individual customers in email campaigns.
  • Email Sequences: AI can help you create an email sequence to stay top of mind with potential customers and even help determine the best times to send emails to maximize open rates.

Voice Search Optimization

  • Keyword Analysis: As voice searches become more popular, AI can help identify long-tail keywords or phrases people use when asking voice assistants about roofing services.

Incorporating AI into your roofing company’s marketing and advertising strategies can provide you with a competitive edge, enhance customer experience, and streamline your operations. So, staying up-to-date with the latest AI advancements will only help you market your business more effectively and efficiently.

The integration of AI in your roofing business can revolutionize your marketing, advertising, and content creation.


Using Innovative Marketing Techniques

Staying on top of marketing trends keeps your roofing marketing ideas and tactics feeling fresh. Consider these innovative roofing contractor marketing techniques:

Use drones to capture stunning aerial videos of roofs you’ve done. These dynamic videos stand out on social media and your site.

Use video to do roofing Q&As or behind-the-scenes footage of a roofing project to bring your brand to life for potential customers. Publish them on your website, on YouTube, and share them on social media and through email.

Don’t be afraid to test out-of-the-box marketing ideas on a small scale, especially the ones your competitors aren’t using. Track results to double down on what works.


Traditional Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

While it’s important to take advantage of all of the latest advances in marketing and advertising, we shouldn’t automatically dismiss traditional marketing tactics. Here are some traditional roofing contractor marketing strategies that can still work:

Vehicle wrapping: This one is a must. Branding your roofing contractor vehicles gets exposure while out and about. Include eye-catching graphics, tagline, and contact info that can be easily read from a distance.

Home improvement store booths: Renting a booth at a home show or local hardware store provides direct access to homeowners looking for your services and at the very least helps create brand awareness.

Direct mail campaigns: Certain demographics still prefer printed materials and may not be Internet-savvy. So send postcards and brochures to targeted neighborhoods likely needing your roofing services. Include special offers to motivate responses.

Radio advertising: Local radio ads allow you to reach audiences in your market when they’re in their cars. Tailor ads to stations your customers likely listen to.

Press releases: Getting media coverage greatly enhances credibility. Promote any new roofing products or services, recent awards, milestones, charity involvement and other newsworthy items.

Sponsor community events: Get involved with local causes by sponsoring events like charity races. This builds goodwill and raises brand visibility.


Building Customer Relationships

Beyond driving new business, focus on nurturing relationships with past customers.

Provide elite service throughout every interaction, from first call to project completion.

Surprise and delight with unexpected perks like same-day service or free gutter cleanings.

Check in post-project to ensure complete satisfaction. Offer maintenance and repair discounts to return customers.

Share company news and roofing tips through email newsletters. Make them feel part of your roofing family.

Implement a referral program then reward referrals and loyalty with discounts or gifts from local businesses. Incentives promote repeat business.

Providing an excellent customer experience before, during, and after the job is the best way to foster genuine, lasting relationships.


Analyzing Your Marketing Results

After you start marketing your roofing business, you’ll want to refine your marketing strategy and for that you’ll need to closely monitor and analyze performance. Here are some key metrics to track:

Website traffic: Are visitor numbers increasing month over month? Which pages attract the most engagement? Can you increase visitors through further SEO?

Lead generation: How many new leads do you generate weekly or monthly? What content or campaigns influence conversions? Can you do some A/B testing to see what works better?

ROI: For each marketing channel, calculate your return on investment. Are you getting enough bang for your buck? Should you eliminate one marketing channel and double down on another?

Conversion rates: What percentage of prospects turn into customers? How can you optimize your sales funnels? Do you have a good system in place for promptly following up on leads and then turning them into customers?

Regularly review analytics for insights to guide your roofing contractor marketing. Naturally, you want to focus your energy where you see results and pull back where you don’t.


Let’s Get Your Roofing Marketing Humming

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to modern marketing strategies for roofing contractors. With this toolbox of tactics, you can build authority, generate more leads, and elevate your brand in your local roofing market.

The key is tracking what resonates with YOUR audience. Not every approach works for every roofing business. So optimizing your marketing strategies based on performance data is very important.

Focus on providing value, establishing trust, and solving customer problems through your marketing. Build relationships, don’t just try to sell.

Wishing you great success with your roofing contractor marketing efforts! Now get out there and start growing your business.

Focus on providing value, establishing trust, and solving customer problems through your marketing. Build relationships, don’t just try to sell.

Key Takeaways:

    • A comprehensive roofing contractor marketing plan is critical in order for your business to grow
    • Optimize your website experience to convert visitors into leads
    • Social media, paid ads, and content marketing help expand your reach
    • Focus on reputation, reviews, and relationships to drive ROI
    • Utilize AI to help you, from brainstorming to analyzing
    • Nurturing customer relationships leads to referrals and repeat business
    • Track analytics across all marketing efforts to identify winning strategies
    • Continued analysis and innovation keeps your marketing strategy competitive

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Roofer Marketing FAQs

Q: What is roofing contractor marketing?

A: Roofing contractor marketing refers to the strategies and tactics used to promote roofing services and acquire new customers. This includes SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, content creation, and more.

Q: Why is marketing important for roofing contractors?

A: Effective marketing is critical for roofing contractors to gain visibility, generate leads, build credibility, and ultimately grow their business in a very competitive market. A strategic marketing plan helps set roofing contractors apart from the many others.

Q: How can I optimize my roofing website?

A: Key areas to optimize include site speed, mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, search engine optimization through keywords, quality content focused on customer needs, and clear calls-to-action. Reviews and testimonials also lend credibility.

Q: What social media platforms should roofing contractors use?

A: Facebook and Instagram are great for roofing professionals and contractors to share visual content and interact with homeowners. YouTube can host your educational roofing videos. Nextdoor is perfect for hyperlocal marketing. Choose platforms that align best with your audience and where they can be found.

Q: How do I track my marketing performance?

A: Key metrics to track for roofing contractors include website traffic, lead generation, conversion rate, cost per lead, and return on marketing investment. Use analytics to gather insights then optimize your marketing efforts.

Q: How can I improve my local SEO?

A: Optimize your Google Business profile. Create location-specific content on your website. Build local citations. And acquire as many online reviews as you can, especially on Google. Not only will the reviews help your Local SEO rankings but potential customers will very likely check them when deciding whether or not to contact you.

Q: What are some innovative roofing marketing strategies and trends for roofing contractors?

A: Consider trying drone photography of roofs, interactive content like calculators, retargeting campaigns for website visitors, customer loyalty programs, using AI, and creating video content such as videos that answer frequently-asked questions about roofing or provide helpful DIY tips.

Q: Why is customer relationship management important?

A: Strong customer relationships drive repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and online reviews. Roofing contractors should focus on excellent service, surprise perks, check-ins, and ongoing communication to nurture relationships. The best way to market your roofing company is to be great for your clients in every way.

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